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Manual MoreWordsPlease


"MoreWordsPlease" is a simple word/vocabulary learning program. It is written in Python and pygtk. Words are ordered into lessons and compartments. The vocabulary is saved in a json or pickle file. Keep in mind that the program is in development and probably has bugs.

Learning mode - Test

After all words or several lessons have been selected training could start. VocTrain holds words in 5 compartments.The number of compartment can be changed between 3 and 8.

A new word is in compartment 1. After marking a word as correct in the testing window it goes into compartment 2 and so on. If a word reaches compartment 5 it is not trained any more. The number of words in different compartments are shown in the upper line.

Two different timers can be used. One is for the time until the solution is shown, the other for the timer between solution and next word.

Function of buttons in the testing window:
  • "Mark as new": puts the actual word in compartment 1
  • "Ignore this time": goes to the next word
  • "Mark as trained": puts the actual word in compartment 5, so it will not be trained any more
  • "Hint": gives a hint (one character)
  • "Show solution": shows the solution
  • "Verify": calculates the Levenshtein distance of the solution. 0 means the solution is correct. 2 means that it is possible with 2 operations to get to the solution. Verify incorporates the preferences “Ignore Capitals” and “Autoprogress on Verify”.
Importing and exporting data

Data can be imported from CSV files. This is the easiest way to exchange data with other programs like OpenOffice.org. Different kinds of CSV files are supported. Settings can be done in the import and export dialog.

In the upper part of the dialog you can change the file format. In the lower part you can specify the columns. "Jump over" means, that the column is led out but the next column is imported.

An other supported file format is KVTML from the KDE Education Project. You can download theses files from the server and import them. First a file is imported as KDE4, if not successful as KDE3 file.

Add new and edit words

A convenient dialog support adding a new word. The lesson can be chosen from a combination box, the compartment is always 1.

Words could edited, removed, moved to a different lesson.

Vocabulary properties

Language 1 and 2 and other values can be changed here.

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